Industrial Balloon Catheter Coating Solutions

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  • Uniform Coating: Ensures no adhesion, pinholes, orange peel, or other defects
  • Siansonic Nozzles: NanoMist or FocusMist options, with low flow rates and spray widths from 1mm to 10mm, suitable for various balloon catheters and stents
  • Precise Dosage Control: Accurate drug coating on balloons and stents
  • Easy Loading/Unloading: Unique balloon catheter holders
  • Specific Balloon Blowing System
  • Scalable: Multiple nozzles and patented holder system for efficient multi-balloon coating
  • Max Balloon Length: 280mm
  • Optional Stent Holders: Length < 280mm, diameter < 60mm
  • Built-In Humidification: Rapid humidity increase for drug crystallization using Siansonic submicron aerosol technology
  • Digital Controller: Multi-core high-speed DSPs, precise power control (0.01W)
  • Self-Cleaning Nozzle: Prevents clogging
  • Solvent Compatibility: Works with acetone, THF, DMAC, chloroform, toluene, etc.
  • Polymer Compatibility: Suitable for polyurethane, polycarbonate, silicone, styrene, etc.
  • Exhaust System Interface: Built-in exhaust fan, ready for lab or clean room connection
  • User-Friendly Interface: Full-color touch screen